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Stay KidSafe! 

Stay KidSafe! is a personal safety and child trafficking prevention program. Kids learn safety best when taught from a place of empowerment not fear—with age-appropriate lessons are for Grades K through 5th. Stay KidSafe! animation characters demonstrate critical skills such as assertiveness, getting help, and body boundaries, with scenarios of online and real-world personal safety. Materials include comprehensive lesson plans, a teacher guidebook about child sexual abuse prevention, child trafficking, long term impact to victims and a teacher’s role in prevention, recognition and reporting, as well as supplemental materials. Children have the right to be safe. Stay KidSafe! is an actionable step to strengthening our children, families, and communities to prevent child sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.




KidSafe for Kids, Empowering Children with Personal Safety Skills 

This Pre-Kindergarten program empowers our youngest children and makes them harder targets for sexual abuse and child trafficking. The program is presented from a place of fun, not fear!. Students are empowered with important safety skills through developmentally appropriate education techniques (role play, song, art, discussion and books). Essential learning is becoming comfortable with personal safety language and identifying their Circle of Safe Adults for accessing help. Materials included in the program are Circle of Safe Adult Worksheet and Graduation Certificate, and resources for parents in our website and online newsletter. It’s an 8-lesson curriculum for children.


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CampSafe - eLearn Training for Camp Staff

CampSafe is a child sexual abuse prevention training for day and overnight camps. Endorsed by the American Camp Association, this innovative eLearn training is a proactive approach to prevention. CampSafe includes an eLearn course for directors as well as a specific one hour training for all staff. The training is to be taken prior to arriving at camp in summer 2021. 

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KidSafe for Parents 

KidSafe for Parents, presently being offered through zoom, provides a safe space to empower parents with knowledge and skills to prevent child sexual abuse. Child Sexual Abuse is scary - Teaching Your Children Personal Safety doesn't have to be. The focus of the seminar is integrating personal safety skills into everyday parenting. The goal is to raise independent, resilient children who know that they can come to their parent to talk about anything.

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eLearn for Educators 

The KidSafe eLearn for Educators provides a strong foundation in sexual abuse prevention and response for all staff. The program covers: how to recognize children at risk for abuse, professional protocol, exact mandated reporting procedures and how to respond to disclosure. KidSafe educates on how to reinforce the use of KidSafe Prevention skills at school, and much more. This professional development seminar empowers educators with awareness and skills which can be integrated into their everyday classroom management to best keep children safe.

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Personal Safety

SchoolSafe - Sexual Abuse Prevention Training for School Resource Officers (SROs)

This eLearn training provides school resource officers the foundation to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of—and the long-term impact of—sexual abuse.  Participants learn how to recognize a child being sexually abused (including the grooming process) and learn how to respond to an instance of sexual abuse, how to report, and what to say and do to ensure safety to the children.   We discuss how SROs can prevent sexual abuse in their settings and how to recognize a predator.

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Healthcare Professional eLearn Training for Sexual Abuse Prevention 

This eLearn training provides healthcare professionals foundational knowledge about child sexual abuse (CSA), Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), prevention, recogni¬tion, response to disclosure and reporting.
With over 42 million adult survivors of CSA in the US and 1 of 10 children being sexually abused before their 18th birthday it is imperative that healthcare professionals have the skills and knowledge to address present and past abuse of their clients.

"This was a great presentation. I have been a nurse for over ten years and professional development on childhood sexual abuse has never been offered or discussed. I feel that this training should be mandated by all healthcare providers."   Nurse, Palm Beach County, Florida

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HealthCare Worker
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LearnSafe is a webinar for parents, caregivers, and the many people being hired to care for children in varied remote learning settings. This training covers the importance of communication between parents and the people that are watching their children regarding COVID safety, House Rules, Technology Safety and Sexual Abuse Prevention. Education is the best prevention. Setting up safety guidelines supports a successful learning environment.

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Florida KidSafe for Kids

During our program your child will learn how to make Safe and Smart Choices about their personal safety. Each weekly, 30-minute lesson is filled with fun and age appropriate activities, discussions, songs, and role-playing.


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