8 Tips to Create a Special Learning Space With Your Child

Ways To Create A Special and Successful Learning Environment For Your Student

As parents, we want our children to thrive in their learning environment even if they are not physically at a desk in their regular school setting. Here are some fun and smart ideas on how to make your student’s working area special.

  • Allow them to personalize the space with picture frames.
    • This could be old frames or making new frames out of popsicle sticks and decorating it with anything found in the house.
  • Let them hang or put drawings around their area.
  • Create some organizers for your student to hold their school supplies in.
    • This can be done out of a recycled plastic bottle or cans to hold pens and pencils, a small box, or a shoe box to hold other materials.

  • Have them design their name card to show where they will be sitting and working each day.
  • Let them hang their school backpack on the back of their chair for that “regular” school experience.
  • Create a fun placement that they can design or draw on for their work area out of construction or poster-board paper.
  • Make a DIY calendar with a large poster board and sticky notes or reuse an old binder and print out a month by month sheet to keep track of important dates or items due.
  • Help create a quiet and not distracting environment by:
    • Letting other family members know the child will be doing school work and needs silence or little noise distractions. It may help to define “quiet hours” so the entire family knows what is expected and for how long they will need to be silent.
    • Creating a playlist of instrumental pop or classical music to keep the child focused but also enjoying some music.

Share with us what you will be doing with your children to set the tone for the new school year?

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