QAnon – A Statement from KidSafe Foundation

Not in Our Name!!    Be Careful What You Are Sharing!

The conspiracy theory and cult movement known as QAnon is attempting to hijack the good names of organizations leading the fight against child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. We cannot let this happen.

QAnon followers preach that a cabal of powerful people within government, business, academia and media are seeking world domination while engaging in child sex trafficking, pedophilia, cannibalism, and satanic sacrifice. To advance their agenda, QAnon followers have adopted a propaganda tactic that demands an immediate response from all of us in the field.

QAnon promoters are parasites. To grow their footprint, gain credibility, and spread misinformation, they associate their message of hate and bigotry with well-known, well-regarded organizations—specifically those working to end child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. That strategy threatens to diminish our identities, tarnish our reputations and harm our good works.

The problem is deepening. Many of our supporters are unknowingly re-distributing QAnon messages embedded within posts that appear to be straightforward statements against pedophilia and trafficking. We must speak out strongly against this. Just as education is the most powerful means we have to prevent child sex abuse and trafficking, education will be our most powerful weapon against the threat QAnon presents. All of us working in the field must join together and speak out loudly.

To learn more about QAnon and its attempt to co-opt our good works and organizations, visit the links below.–whether-people-realize-not?utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_source=afternoon&utm_medium=08_14_20-article_2-930894


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