Q: How do we talk about touch with our kids?

A: It is much easier to talk about all sorts of touch with our kids if we have a name for it. Let’s start with Safe Touch. Mom! Bryan hit me!  Dad! Abby pushed Baby Joey down! Is an example of everyday touching.  Cuddling on the couch with your child while reading a story or…

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Q: How do I start talking with my kids about their body boundaries and consent?

A: Don’t Force Your Child to Hug or Kiss People Let your child know that they have the right to decide when and whom they want to hug. This is a healthy body boundary. Give them permission to politely say no if they don’t want to hug or kiss someone. Their decision should be accepted…

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Q: How do I start talking with my kids about their body boundaries?

A: Start With Private Parts Body boundaries are healthy limits you help your child establish about their private parts and what kind of touching from others is safe or unsafe. Teaching your child about their body and body boundaries empowers children with the understanding of what is appropriate and what is not. This is a…

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Q: How can I talk to my child about their body?

A: My Body is Special and Belongs to Me This message is one you must continually convey to your child from a very young age. It is a simple sentence that teaches your child some very powerful lessons: It empowers them to understand that they own their bodies and have a say in what happens…

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Q: Does your child know who they can go to for help?

A: Children who know they have a core group of people that have their back (research says having just one can save a child) are more secure, independent and resilient. Circle of Safe Adults We call this core group of people A Circle of Safe Adults. A Circle of Safe Adults consists of relatives, family…

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Q: When should I give my child a cell phone?

A: Deciding to allow your child to have a cell phone is a big decision. There are pros and cons. There is no perfect age as to when to give your child a cell phone. What we do suggest is that when you make the decision you make it in the best interest of YOUR…

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