How To Sleep At Night When Your Child Is At Sleepaway Camp

Thinking about sending your child to sleepaway camp? Here are 10 questions you can ask to confirm that safety is the camp’s number one priority.

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Birds and Bees: You can never have enough tips to talk about sex!

KidSafe’s philosophy is to empower parents to talk with their children about their personal safety – that means talking to kids about their bodies, relationships, boundaries, love, and everything in between. These conversations make your kids smarter for sure and safer too! Check out what NPR had to say in this article: The Birds And…

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Florida Mandates Child Trafficking Prevention Education – What does this mean for our young children?

Child Trafficking Education. These words can be frightening. What do they mean for you and your child? Florida leads the nation in promoting child trafficking education for children. We are the first state to require instruction in child trafficking prevention for students in grades K – 12. As that wonderful idea sinks in, let’s talk…

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Is my child ready to Halloween trick or treat with their friends?

COVID-19 or no COVID-19, I am hearing from parents around the country that Trick or Treating will be happening. A little bit of normalcy would be nice for families right now. So if your child is asking to Trick or Treat with their friends – here are some helpful tips. To figure out if they…

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Q: My kids all have access to ipads – is it really an issue for them to be online alone?

A: Think of it this way: Would you drop your 7 year old off to have some alone time at a carnival? The mall? The movie theater? So why would you let them have full access to the internet? Think about it. It probably wouldn’t be the best choice to send our child alone to…

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Q: What do I do if a child tells me—or hints—that they are being abused? 

A: The child has found the courage to tell you about a difficult experience because they trust you and they need help. This is your chance to prove that they trusted the right person. Perhaps you are a part of their Circle of Safe Adults. Here are the key steps to follow: Remain calm. Do…

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Q: My kid tattles all the time! How do I get them to stop?

A: We have a remedy for this. Knowing the difference between tattling and reporting is an important part of personal safety. Children can easily learn the difference between tattling and reporting and you will have a calmer household for it. Simply stated: TATTLING is telling on someone to get them in trouble. REPORTING  is done to…

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Q: I am worried that my daughter’s friend is being sexually abused, what should I do?

Reporting Child Abuse To answer this question let’s start with the technical (official). By law, if a citizen 18 and older in the state of Florida (and many other states) suspects that a child is being abused in any way (physically, sexually, emotionally or neglect) you must report it. It’s not only the right thing…

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Does Your Child Keep Secrets?

Good and Bad Secrets There is a specific importance to Secrets when it comes to your child’s personal safety. Predators depend on a child ‘keeping the secret’ for them to keep a child silent. We know from survivors, many of whom only ‘shared their secret’ as an adult that they were afraid to tell. We…

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Q: How do we talk about touch with our kids?

A: It is much easier to talk about all sorts of touch with our kids if we have a name for it. Let’s start with Safe Touch. Mom! Bryan hit me!  Dad! Abby pushed Baby Joey down! Is an example of everyday touching.  Cuddling on the couch with your child while reading a story or…

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