State by State Guidelines for Leaving Kids Home Alone

Click Here to find out what your state’s guidelines are for leaving kids home alone.

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Vetting and Hiring Caregivers During Summer 2020 – Think Pandemic and Personal Safety

Amazing how quickly our worlds have been turned upside down. We were all looking for a return to normalcy to occur once online/home schooling ended. For most of us this is not going to happen. Camps, understandably, are not opening up as they can not ensure the safety of our kids and their employees. So…

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A Child’s View – Sheltering at Home with My Abuser

Adults, this will be a difficult read. Our kids need us to know the facts before we can truly help them. And just like that, snap, the children were home. For some families, the experience has been an opportunity for peaceful self-reflection, new rhythms in the family schedule, spending quality time interacting with each other,…

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We Need Our Kids To Know They Can Come To Us About Anything

  We often assume that if our child has a problem they would come to us no matter their age. But often a child/teen might hold back from talking with you about something important because they do not want to add to your burden.  It is imperative, especially in these times when we are under…

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What’s in Your “Endurance Bag”? Coping during COVID-19 and beyond

What if you knew there were easy steps you could take to keep your children safe? And how wonderful would it be that these steps not only kept them safe, but also ensured they would have healthy coping skills for life?  You can create your own “Endurance Bag” and help your children with this too!…

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Celebrate Children With This Easy Pinwheel Craft To Make at Home

Hello Everyone! In celebration of April’s Pinwheels for Prevention Month let’s have some fun making Pinwheels at home. A HUGE thank you to Aunt Annie’s Crafts! Easy Pinwheel What you will make: Just in time for a breezy April day, make this colorful paper pinwheel with nothing more than paper, a pencil and…

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Your Child’s Personal Safety During COVID-19

Vulnerable children become more vulnerable, people that feel powerless are less empowered, and a general stress that complicates life is in the air; this is life during COVID-19. KidSafe has been careful to not over-communicate with parents and caregivers on how to manage this difficult time.  However, it is actually a really opportune time to…

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Coronavirus Through The Eyes of Our Kids

How we manage this current crisis—however long it lasts—will have a huge impact on our children. Hurricane Wilma ravaged South Florida in 2005. For me it was a terrifying storm with a complicated aftermath.  My daughter was ten at the time.  She didn’t have a sense of time or how much school was missed; she…

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How To Sleep At Night When Your Child Is At Sleepaway Camp

Thinking about sending your child to sleepaway camp? Here are 10 questions you can ask to confirm that safety is the camp’s number one priority.

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Birds and Bees: You can never have enough tips to talk about sex!

KidSafe’s philosophy is to empower parents to talk with their children about their personal safety – that means talking to kids about their bodies, relationships, boundaries, love, and everything in between. These conversations make your kids smarter for sure and safer too! Check out what NPR had to say in this article: The Birds And…

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