7 Ways to Bring in the Halloween/Fall Season!

7 Ways to bring in the Halloween/Fall Season!

As we jump into the Fall Season, it is clear that celebrating Halloween will look different this year. At Kidsafe, we want to help parents find other ways to celebrate while also being safe. Here are some awesome Halloween activities to try out with your family!

  • Go to your local store or farmer’s market to pick out and carve some pumpkins.
    • Not excited to clean up the mess of carving? Use paint or markers from around the house to draw on them instead!
  • Plan a Zoom or Microsoft Teams Halloween Movie Marathon Night with your loved ones.
    • Kidsafe movie recommendations: The Halloweentown series, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.
  • Throw a Halloween party with your family! Everyone can decorate, dress up, make spooky desserts, and play fun games outside.

  • Have a big family or group of friends? Create individual candy goodie bags that can be left in your mailbox for pickup or do a drive-through trick-or-treating.
  • Have the children dress up and take pictures. Kids shouldn’t lose the excitement of picking a costume! Don’t forget to take a family photoshoot for those long-lasting memories!\
    • To make a DIY costume: look for items you may have around the house or check out stores like Walmart, Dollar Tree, Target, Michaels, etc. to see what you can put together.



  • Take a stroll or drive around the neighborhood so children get the chance to see Halloween decorations. 
  • Read your children an age-appropriate spooky story!

Wishing you all some fun, creativity and a safe fall season! 


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