Florida ordena educación en prevención del tráfico de niños – ¿Qué significa esto para nuestros niños pequeños?

Educación sobre el tráfico de niños. Estas palabras pueden ser aterradoras. ¿Qué significan para usted y su hijo? Florida lidera la nación en la promoción de la educación sobre el tráfico de niños para los niños. Somos el primer estado que requiere instrucción en la prevención del tráfico de niños para los estudiantes en los…

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Necesitamos que nuestros hijos sepan que pueden acudir a nosotros para cualquier cosa

A menudo asumimos que si nuestro hijo tiene un problema, acudirá a nosotros sin importar su edad. Pero a menudo un niño/adolescente puede evitar hablar con usted sobre algo importante porque no quiere aumentar su carga.  Es imprescindible, que recordemos a nuestros hijos que podemos ocuparnos de lo que quieran contarnos, aunque les parezca aterrador….

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The Most Important Thing To Do If You Lose Your Child in Public

(original source: Popsugar Parenting) Have you ever been out with your family and you lose track of one of your kids? If you’re like most parents, you’ll scan your surroundings, you’ll dart from one spot to another trying to find them, and eventually, you’ll start shouting their name. Ideally, you locate your kiddo, but if…

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

People often dismiss human trafficking as either something that occurs in other countries or as too big an issue to battle. Or they tell themselves, “This couldn’t happen in my community, and especially not in my family.” Sadly, they are wrong. Each of us needs to recognize that children of all ages, wherever they live,…

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Prep Your Family For Holiday Gatherings

For many, the holidays in November and December are a time of family gatherings, vacations, and travel.  These gatherings can include family, friends that are like family, blended families, kids’ friends, other adults. Teaching our children that our doors are open and generous can be a benefit to the season: there is a lot of…

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The Gift of Fear

The Gift of Fear (courtesy of Gavin de Becker) Covid-19 is frightening. And because of Covid’s impact on our daily lives, the decisions parents must sometimes make regarding their kids may be also be harmful and, in the extreme, traumatic. During the pandemic, parents must sometimes make quick decisions regarding child care. When that happens,…

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Think You’d Know if Your Child Was Being Sexually Abused By Their Teacher?

Think you’d know if your child was being sexually abused by his or her teacher? Think again. My phone was a buzz. “Did you hear?”  “I don’t believe it!” “Thank god my daughter doesn’t go to that elementary school”. It happened again, another teacher arrested, more children at risk for sexual abuse. It will continue…

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QAnon – A Statement from KidSafe Foundation

Not in Our Name!!    Be Careful What You Are Sharing! The conspiracy theory and cult movement known as QAnon is attempting to hijack the good names of organizations leading the fight against child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. We cannot let this happen. QAnon followers preach that a cabal of powerful people within government, business,…

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8 Tips to Create a Special Learning Space With Your Child

Ways To Create A Special and Successful Learning Environment For Your Student As parents, we want our children to thrive in their learning environment even if they are not physically at a desk in their regular school setting. Here are some fun and smart ideas on how to make your student’s working area special. Allow…

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Getting into Back to School #HomeSafe Mode – You’ve Got This

In just a few weeks a brand new school year will begin, challenged by a pandemic that has forced every family to create workarounds. Many parents like you seek ways to give their children the tools and activities needed for a positive learning experience in these unusual times. Until we return to a pre-Covid world,…

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