Dan Paul-Heskins

Dan Paul-Heskins has been part of KidSafe since he first volunteered for one of our events in 2017. Since then, Dan has delivered books to area schools, provided admin support in our office, and advised us on development, process management, and computers.

Dan spent over 30 years in market research and consumer understanding. During that time, Dan had hands-on experience building insights, discovering new ideas, and teaching new concepts for some of the world’s best-known companies (Unilever, American Express, J. Walter Thompson, DMB&B advertising and others), and celebrated brands (Bertolli, Ragú, Knorr, Curél, Maxwell House, Merrill Lynch, AT&T and more). His career included several years in London as the global head of Consumer Insight for one of the divisions of Unilever.

Before retiring, Dan worked as a Marketing and Business Training consultant. He taught communication skills and how to develop more compelling presentations. He led brainstorming programs to develop new products and new advertising ideas. He also led specialized Insight Discovery projects showing teams how to distill years (and pounds) of background knowledge into platforms to inspire and enlighten people in his clients’ businesses.

These days, Dan says he enjoys woodworking, traveling, and spending as much time as he can with his wife, children and, grandchildren… and helping KidSafe any way he can.