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  • Teach personal safety from a place of fun, not fear.
  • Give parents tools and tips on how to keep their children safe.
  • Promote raising strong, resilient, independent kids! No helicopter parenting here.

KidSafe provides children and adults with life skills, social-emotional skills which support them in making safer and smarter choices in taking care of themselves and others. 

We empower children to not just survive in our society but to thrive. We do this by teaching personal safety, sexual abuse prevention, and human trafficking prevention skills to children and their grown-ups.

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Know the facts



Every 9 minutes a child is a victim of sexual abuse and assault.



1 in 10 children will be sexually exploited by the age of 18.

Townsend, C., & Rheingold, A.A., (2013)



of sexually abused children are abused by someone they know and trust.

Finkelhor, D. (2012)


Kidsafe Books

Preview My Body is Special and Belongs to Me, click here.

Video tips

Circle of Safe Adults

1 minutes

Do you know who your kids would choose as their trusted adults? Let’s ask them! Watch to see how.

Preventing and Addressing Child Sex Abuse

90 minutes

Listen To Our Podcast

6 minutes

Cherie Benjoseph, KidSafe Cofounder interviewed by Andrea Clemens on the Andrea Speaks Out Podcast – discussing an easy and effective language of safety you can use with your children to help keep them safe.

Safety Voice

1 minutes

Teach your kids about their Safety Voice, the voice they can use to talk about their feelings.

Vetting or hiring babysitter

6 minutes

Check out to hear how to ask the tough questions when vetting and hiring someone to watch your children.


The one gift parents can give their children during their early years is to empower them with personal safety skills. The challenge is that we were not raised talking about personal safety – we need a manual of sorts. KidSafe provides a number of options to support parents integrating a language of safety into your daily parenting, supporting you to have the tough conversations about body boundaries and secrets in a way that will not be scary for you as a parent or for your children, and activities you can do with your children to keep these conversations going and comfortable.

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What are parents asking us? Scroll to read our FAQs and submit your own question below.

Q. How much detail should my child know about sex at age 5?

A. First I will answer your question with a question. What do you mean by ‘sex’? There is a lot more to ‘sex’ then the act itself. If your child shows interest in knowing about ‘sex’, you should ask a few questions to clarify what they are really asking about. It could be anything from…

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Hotline Contact Information

Child Abuse

Phone: 800.4.A.CHILD (800.422.4453)
People They Help: Child abuse victims, parents, concerned individuals

Child Sexual Abuse

Darkness to Light
Phone: 866.FOR.LIGHT (866.367.5444)
People They Help: Children and adults needing local information or resources about sexual abuse

Family Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Phone: 800.799.SAFE (800.799.7233)
TTY: 800.787.3224
Video Phone Only for Deaf Callers: 206.518.9361
People They Help: Children, parents, friends, offenders

Help for Parents

National Parent Helpline®
Phone: 855.4APARENT (855.427.2736) (available 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., PST, weekdays)
People They Help: Parents and caregivers needing emotional support and links to resources

Human Trafficking

National Human Trafficking Hotline
Phone: 888.373.7888
People They Help: Victims of human trafficking and those reporting potential trafficking situations

Mental Illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness
Phone: 800.950.NAMI (800.950.6264) (available 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., ET, weekdays)
People They Help: Individuals, families, professionals

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