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Your child is participating in the KidSafe for Kids Program.

During the eight-week program your child will learn how to make Safe and Smart Choices about their personal safety. Each weekly, 30-minute lesson is filled with fun and age appropriate activities, discussions, songs, and role-playing.

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Newsletter Topics

Safety Voice / Reporting

Staying Close to Your Grown-up

Check First

Circle of Safe Adults

Body Boundaries

Good Secrets and Bad Secrets

Intro to Online Safety

Yell "No!" Run and Tell

KidSafe Books

My Body is Special and it Belongs to Me!

My Body is Special is a fun, safe, developmentally appropriate, and most of all comfortable way for parents to educate their children about the topic of personal safety. This book is the conversation you want to have with your child, but may not be sure how to approach.

Jack Teaches His Friends to be Kidsafe!

Jack Teaches His Friends will teach you and your children essential life skills to help you keep them safe. Use this book to comfortably open up the conversation with your children about their personal safety.