KidSafe for Kids


Why Teach KidSafe?

The KidSafe for Kids program was born out of the necessity to educate to prevent child sexual abuse. However, KidSafe does much more than that. It provides children with life skills, social-emotional skills which support them making safer and smarter choices in taking care of themselves and others.

Our children today are barraged with information about the world - which has increased their level of anxiety and fear. We need to take action to empower our children to not just survive in our society but to thrive. We do this by actively teaching personal safety skills to children and their grown-ups.  Through the KidSafe Foundation’s comprehensive safety program, children become empowered, learn what is appropriate and inappropriate, and what to do if they are confused or have been hurt by someone. Knowledge is power and by educating our children, they begin to protect themselves, develop confidence and trust to seek help. Children learn through KidSafe to find their voice and use it to keep them safe.

To find out how to bring the KidSafe for Kids program to your child's preschool or elementary school contact us.


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