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Dad and male child

Juntos enseñemos seguridad personal a los niños para que tengan las herramientas que necesitan para prevenir el abuso y puedan acudir por ayuda en cualquier momento.



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Video tips

Circle of Safe Adults

1 minutes

Do you know who your kids would choose as their trusted adults? Let’s ask them! Watch to see how.

Preventing and Addressing Child Sex Abuse

90 minutes

Teach proper body part names

1 minutes

Quick tip on why it is important to teach your children the proper names for their body parts.

Be an approachable parent

1 minutes

Quick tip on being an approachable parent.


Have a question ask Melissa.

Melissa is originally from Colombia and has a degree in Psychology. She has worked with and for children.  She firmly believes that working with children is the fundamental part of making changes in society. Melissa arrived in this country with the dream of many of those who emigrate and go in search of a better future.  Building that future, she started working at KidSafe Foundation as a specialist and is in charge of the Spanish program.  She recognizes the growth and importance of the Latino community in this country, the education of children is not an easy task, and even more so when you are in a different country, language and culture.  Melissa is passionate about working with children and the Hispanic community so that this is not a barrier when it comes to keeping children safe.


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