KidSafe Educator Training

Seminar covers:

How to recognize children at risk for abuse (sexual, physical, and emotional), bullying, neglect, and peer pressure, how to respond to disclosure, the next steps to take, how to reinforce the use of KidSafe Prevention skills at school as well as discussion on how to address any questions if they arise from either parents or children. Attendees will take home concrete skills they can implement immediately upon their return to their classroom.

Expectations after the seminar ( CEU’s available):

  • Have raised awareness and sensitivity to issues of child abuse and how it effects their students
  • Begin integrating language of safety into their classrooms
  • Have a clear, defined and professional protocol for how to respond to reporting child abuse or bullying
  • Support children making safer and smarter choices in class and online.
  • Decrease risk of abuse, bullying, peer pressure

KidSafe offers Training to become a “KidSafe Certified Instructor”

~ KidSafe offers Teacher & Counselor workshops and training on how to use their Literary Classic Award Winning Children’s Books: “Jack Teaches His Friends To Be KidSafe” & ” My Body is Special and Belongs To ME”