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Education is the first and most important line of defense to keep our children safe from abuse.


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Know the facts

Child sexual abuse is a silent epidemic. We cannot imagine it could happen to our children - and feels hard to prevent.

Knowing the facts is an important first step.

1 in 4 girls


1 in 6 boys

will be sexually exploited by the age of 18

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually exploited by the age of 18


of sexually abused children will be abused by someone they know and trust*

90% of sexually abused children will be abused by someone they know and trust*

We can change these stats

Sexual Abuse is Scary.

Teaching Personal Safety Doesn’t Have to Be.

Learn the Facts

    *(NAPCAN 2009).                            Know the Facts -   Our children's health, safety and happiness depends on it.


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Q. How much detail should my child know about sex at age 5?

A. First I will answer your question with a question. What do you mean by ‘sex’? There is a lot more to ‘sex’ then the act itself. If your child shows interest in knowing about ‘sex’, you should ask a few questions to clarify what they are really asking about. It could be anything from...

Q. I caught my 5 y/o son looking at my 3 y/o daughter, naked. Is this normal?

A. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) , at this age these actions are completely normal. It is common in many families that kids will see each other naked at these young ages. Bath time, changing clothes.  It is a healthy and normal part of development. If he is showing interest it is...

Q. Is it normal for my 18 month old to touch their private parts when I change their diaper?

A. The short answer is yes! At this age they are still discovering their own bodies and in medical terms, they do feel pleasure when they touch themselves. This doesn’t mean they are masturbating. They are simply making a new discovery about themselves that they hadn’t noticed yet! The best action is to let them...

Q: When can I leave my child alone (even for 5 minutes) to run an errand?

A: Your question contains the answer! Start in small increments. The age of your child needs to be taken into consideration – but just because a child is of a certain age does not mean they are automatically ready to take on the responsibility of being home alone and visa versa. You know your child...

Q: Are sleepovers safe?

A:  Great and fair question. Nothing is 100% guaranteed to be safe. But there are definitely steps you can take to increase the level of safety at a sleep over.  Here are some things to think about as you make the decision of if and when my child and family are ready for sleepovers:  Ninety...

Q: I told my kid to not let anyone touch their private parts – is that enough?

A: First – thank you for recognizing that teaching your child about their body safety is important. This is such an important question that we get asked often. Many years ago a mom/police woman attended a KidSafe seminar.  She told us that she always told her daughter “Never let anyone touch your privates.” She felt...

Q: Is it okay for me to bath/shower with my 3 year old?

A: If you’re comfortable with it, why not? This can be an opportunity for you to bond with your child and teach them the proper names for their body parts. It’s not until age 4-6 that children show gender consistency and gender stability, which means a girl understands she will grow up into a woman....

Q: How do you best vet a babysitter?

Many of us need to leave our child with a nanny or babysitter. Finding the right person to trust with this responsibility is a very big decision. Often, parents aren’t sure what questions to ask, how personal they can be, or even where to begin. Here are some useful tips: Before you meet the potential...

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    “A kid friendly program that is chunked into digestible bites. The program allows kids to listen, think, reflect on and practice what is taught. The animations and books are engaging and discuss appropriate content.” – Cori, Elementary School Teacher

    “The Stay KidSafe! program is a wonderful resource for teachers to teach personal safety to their students. The content is interactive and engaging and allows students the opportunity to learn, reflect on and practice important safety skills.”

    “Stay KidSafe! is a great way to bring important skills in a student friendly way. The lessons are in-depth and very teacher friendly. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to keep children KidSafe!”

    “The program was very kid friendly and easy to follow. The kids enjoyed the animations and books. They made sensitive topics easier to teach and talk about.”

    “It is a very kid and teacher friendly program.”

    “This is important curriculum for Florida students and teachers, it helps open the pathway for meaningful discussions in the classroom.”  – Deborah, Kindergarten Teacher

    Today’s training was awesome! It was very informative. Sally was a very good resource, she motivated us a lot! We want to pass on this information to parents, teachers and students! Thank you for offering workshops like this. These are tools we use to continue serving our children and families.


    Participant from Children’s Services Council of Broward Seminar

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be included in the KidSafe program. I highly recommend this program to other schools. We hope that we will be given the same opportunity for our Kindergarten and 2nd grade students to be a part of this wonderful program during the 2016-2017 school year.


    Mrs. Keelyn Meselsohn
    2nd Grade Teacher/Team Leader Tradewinds Elementary School

    I am a parent of two Pine Crest children and I attended your program on Monday night. I just wanted to thank you so very much for the very informative seminar. As hard as it was to hear all of those things, it was very needed. We were thrilled that you were able to come and share that very important information with us and our children. So again…thank you.


    Elisa Aronberg

    It was a normal Saturday and I was at the rink with my 7 and 8 year old. My son asked me if he could use the Men’s Restroom by himself. Without hesitation, my daughter said, Absolutely not! I was in KidSafe today and you cannot go to the restroom alone. It is very important that Mommy is with you.. with us. I was so proud of my little girl! Many thanks to you all, keep up the great work!


    Tara Henley
    Admissions Assistant, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and School, Ft. Lauderdale

    I’m so grateful that KidSafe has partnered with my daughter’s school. I learned so much in the parent training–how to recognize potential sexual predator behavior; how to quiz my child about what they would do in different scenarios; and how to explain safe and unsafe touch. Thank you KidSafe for your dedication to protecting our communities’ most vulnerable citizens.


    Christina Kranick

    The Safe and Smart Series Book My Body Is Special and Belongs To Me is kept in my middle school clinic and has been a tool that has opened many conversations for me between students that have experienced a difficult situation and were unable to talk about it. Through the illustrations and nonjudgmental verbiage the author has allowed kids permission to share their feelings about invasion of their personal space. Thank you so much.


    Nurse Connie
    PBC School Nurse

    The PTA is proud to support the KidSafe program at Sunrise Park. In January, we held a teacher workshop and a parent presentation to educate us on how to talk to our kids about a very scary subject in a non-threatening way and to empower them with lifetime safety skills. Exploitation prevention, Communication skills, Action plans, Buddy system, Safe vs. unsafe touch – These are very powerful and important topics for ALL parents, regardless of your children’s ages.


    Karen Hamorsky
    PTA Sunrise Park Elementary School

    The KidSafe program is an essential piece of our curriculum. I highly recommend this program to any school that is interested in educating the whole child. Our school has purchased their book – Jack Teaches His Friends To Be KidSafe! For every classroom. I believe this book is a must for all parents and teachers who are concerned about the safety of children. This is the first book I found which teaches early childhood safety skills on a level they can understand and use.


    Linda B. Harris, BS, MS
    Director ECC Bnai Israel

    As a father of two small boys and a former felony prosecutor, I’m keenly aware of the ever-present danger against which parents must constantly be vigilant. Please don’t merely hope and pray that your child will be safe. Your child must be prepared. KidSafe is an excellent program and helped us to introduce personal safety to our children without creating fear. Their book helped us to reiterate concepts and rules of personal safety to them in a way that they can easily grasp and remember. I strongly recommend KidSafe to all schools.


    Carl Schreck
    Parent of KidSafe Graduate

    I feel that KidSafe Training reinforces the importance of child and teen safety that St. Mark’s Episcopal School already embodies. As a teacher, I want my students to be aware of the possible consequences for what they may see as innocent actions. Their awareness and caution could mean the difference of life and death. KidSafe opens their eyes to the harsh reality of what could happen via the internet if they aren’t careful about the comments and pictures they post.” Thanks for all you do!


    Jessey Andris
    Parent of KidSafe Graduate

    Thank you Sally for all of your support at SPES. It was a smaller than usual group but there was a lot going on in the community. I am sure that you feel the same way that I do — it is always an important topic and if just one more person hears it we may be saving one more kid from danger. You are one amazing lady!


    Alicia R. Steiger
    Principal Sunrise Park Elementary School

    My children participated in KidSafe and it was an incredible program. My children learned so much important information. My husband and I felt their lecture was life changing. We realize that we can no longer take the safety of our children for granted. Their book Jack Teaches His friends to be KidSafe has been a great resource and has helped our kids to remember and practice the KidSafe rules. The lessons this book teaches are priceless. I would recommend KidSafe and their book to any parent and school concerned about the safety of children.


    Robyn Salk
    Parent of KidSafe Graduatel

    Approved program with