QAnon – A Statement from KidSafe Foundation

Not in Our Name!!    Be Careful What You Are Sharing! The conspiracy theory and cult movement known as QAnon is attempting to hijack the good names of organizations leading the fight against child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. We cannot let this happen. QAnon followers preach that a cabal of powerful people within government, business,…

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We Need Our Kids To Know They Can Come To Us About Anything

  We often assume that if our child has a problem they would come to us no matter their age. But often a child/teen might hold back from talking with you about something important because they do not want to add to your burden.  It is imperative, especially in these times when we are under…

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Q: My kids all have access to ipads – is it really an issue for them to be online alone?

A: Think of it this way: Would you drop your 7 year old off to have some alone time at a carnival? The mall? The movie theater? So why would you let them have full access to the internet? Think about it. It probably wouldn’t be the best choice to send our child alone to…

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