8 Tips to Create a Special Learning Space With Your Child

Ways To Create A Special and Successful Learning Environment For Your Student As parents, we want our children to thrive in their learning environment even if they are not physically at a desk in their regular school setting. Here are some fun and smart ideas on how to make your student’s working area special. Allow…

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Want to Raise a Problem Solver? Play the What if? Game

Problem solving is an important daily life skill that needs practice. As parents we often ‘fix’ our children’s problems. Sometimes it is to save time. Sometimes it is out of fear of our child getting hurt physically or emotionally. But we now know that as parents a gift we can give them is the opportunity…

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Celebrate Children With This Easy Pinwheel Craft To Make at Home

Hello Everyone! In celebration of April’s Pinwheels for Prevention Month let’s have some fun making Pinwheels at home. A HUGE thank you to Aunt Annie’s Crafts! Easy Pinwheel What you will make: Just in time for a breezy April day, make this colorful paper pinwheel with nothing more than paper, a pencil and…

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