Q: Is it okay for me to bath/shower with my 3 year old?

A: If you’re comfortable with it, why not? This can be an opportunity for you to bond with your child and teach them the proper names for their body parts. It’s not until age 4-6 that children show gender consistency and gender stability, which means a girl understands she will grow up into a woman. Generally around this age is when the child develops a sense of modesty about being undressed in front of the opposite gender, but it isn’t until about age 7-9 that the concept of privacy is better established. A lot of this is taught by the family dynamic and what they experience in society. There is no exact age as to when it is recommend you stop bathing with your children. The key is to look for the signs of either you wanting your own privacy or your child saying or doing things that are sending the message it is time for them to have privacy and gain independence in taking care of their personal hygiene. Usually this is by kindergarten.




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