Mrs. Sally Berenzweig Cofounder & Executive Director of KidSafe Foundation to Sit as Judge: Second Annual “Signature’s Got Talent Show” to Boost KidSafe Foundation


FEBRUARY 7, 2018

Contact: Dana Levy, REALTOR®

Public Relations Coordinator


Mrs. Sally Berenzweig Cofounder & Executive Director of KidSafe Foundation

to Sit as Judge: Second Annual “Signature’s Got Talent Show” to Boost KidSafe Foundation

In cabaret style, Signature Gives Back, Inc. will showcase the talents of REALTORS® from its affiliated company, The Signature Real Estate Companies, at local hip dinner club and music hub, The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton.  The event—open to the public—marks its Second Annual Signature’s Got Talent Show, February 20, 2018 from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

As part of a judge’s panel, Co-Founder and Executive Director of KidSafe Foundation, Ms. Sally Berenzweig will join Boca Raton Mayor Ms. Susan Haynie; and Mr. Wayne Barton of the Wayne Barton Study Center

“I am thrilled that all proceeds from this unique event will benefit two amazing local charities, KidSafe Foundation and the Wayne Barton Study Center.  Both organizations provide invaluable, critical assistance to children in our local community, and we believe our future leaders deserve every opportunity to advance themselves…It starts with safety,” says Mr. Jack Jaiven, SGB Vice President and SREC Executive Vice President.

The First Annual Signature’s Got Talent was standing-room only at Boca Resto Lounge, whose owner “was so impressed with the turnout and charitable nature of the event,” according to SGB Asst. Vice President and SREC REALTOR®, Ms. Wendy Pressner, that he donated a percentage of his own profits, as well as artwork. Ms. Pressner anticipates an even larger turnout this year.

“The Signature Family is filled with tremendous talent beyond real estate and other professional fields.  Signature’s Got Talent is our way of appreciating each other in new ways while raising funds to benefit local charities.  We have a strong commitment to our mantra:    Be the change you wish to see in this world.”

According to the Kidsafe Foundation website (January 2018): Children who are sexually abused are at significantly greater risk for later posttraumatic stress and other anxiety symptoms depression and suicide attempts. These psychological problems can lead to significant disruptions in normal development and often have a lasting impact, leading to dysfunction and distress well into adulthood.  Through a wide-ranging curriculum for children and parent training programs, KidSafe Foundation protects children by preventing child sexual abuse, bullying and online exploitation through comprehensive education for children, parents, and professionals. 

To purchase tickets for 2018’s Signature’s Got Talent Show and benefit Kidsafe Foundation, visit:  To learn more about Signature Gives Back, Inc., call 561.705.0140 and visit


"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be included in the KidSafe program. I highly recommend this program to other schools. We hope that we will be given the same opportunity for our Kindergarten and 2nd grade students to be a part of this wonderful program during the 2016-2017 school year."

Mrs. Keelyn Meselsohn 2nd Grade Teacher/Team Leader Tradewinds Elementary School

"The Safe and Smart Series Book My Body Is Special and Belongs To Me is kept in my middle school clinic and has been a tool that has opened many conversations for me between students that have experienced a difficult situation and were unable to talk about it. Through the illustrations and nonjudgmental verbiage the author has allowed kids permission to share their feelings about invasion of their personal space. Thank you so much."

Nurse Connie, PBC School Nurse 6.8.2016

"I'm so grateful that KidSafe has partnered with my daughter's school.  I learned so much in the parent training--how to recognize potential sexual predator behavior; how to quiz my child about what they would do in different scenarios; and how to explain safe and unsafe touch.  In addition, knowing that my daughter is receiving weekly trainings on these topics gives me great peace of mind.  I have confidence that I can reinforce what she is learning in school in order to prevent her from ever being a victim of such a heinous crime.  Thank you KidSafe for your dedication to protecting our communities' most vulnerable citizens."

Christina Kranick

“It was a normal Saturday and I was at the rink with my 7 and 8 year old. My son asked me if he could use the Men’s Restroom by himself.  Without hesitation, my daughter said,  Absolutely not! I was in KidSafe today and you cannot go to the restroom alone.  It is very important that Mommy is with you.. with us.   I was so proud of my little girl!  We are so blessed to have Debbie Miller at our school teaching our children the importance of safety. Many thanks to you all!  Your program and instruction is absolutely amazing.  Keep up the great work!"  

Tara Henley Admissions Assistant, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and School, Ft. Lauderdale

I am a parent of two Pine Crest children and I attended your program on Monday night. I just wanted to thank you so very much for the very informative seminar. As hard as it was to hear all of those things, it was very needed. We were thrilled that you were able to come and share that very important information with us and our children. So again...thank you.

Elisa Aronberg

Today’s training was awesome! It was very informative. Sally was a very good resource, she motivated us a lot! We want to pass on this information to parents, teachers and students! Thank you for offering workshops like this. These are tools we use to continue serving our children and families.

Participant from Children’s Services Council of Broward Seminar

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